Design, Develop, Deploy.

At Chain Enable, we help companies scale, build, and deliver; goal-oriented development with our clients’ best interests at heart.

Why Work With Us?

Chain Enable comprises a senior team with over 120 years of combined experience in systems architecture, integration of payment rails, streaming services, and blockchain technologies.

We have a distributed team with over 50 developers, primarily based between London, Wales, Spain, Europe, and Korea. As a distributed workforce, we are able to assist clients from all over the World.

Operating in a digital-first, distributed manner enables us to provide a dedicated team to listen, and help identify your specific requirements and needs at ever corner; uncompromised even by the current Global pandemic!

With our experience comes a fail-safe process that allows us to deliver complex solutions on-time and on-budget – more on our process below.

Chain Enable has built bespoke platforms for some of the biggest names in Finance, Insurance, Gaming, and the Blockchain world!

Are you new to the world of app development?

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If so, we’ve written a series of guides especially for you. They have all the essential information you need to embark on your journey into the exciting world of apps.

Our Tried & Tested Process

How do we deliver on-time and on-budget?

Chain Enable’s detailed scoping and analysis provides the most suitable end-to-end solution to transform your digital process every step of the way. Utilising tried and tested processes such as “double diamond” design thinking and “agile development” methodologies empower you to discover the best solution, at a pace that suits your development timeline.

Through our diligent scoping process we are able to transparently and accurately give development timelines and costs that work in parallel to your business goals. We ensure that our milestones and delivery model are simple to follow, leaving you to focus on key business decisions and not on complex development processes and integrations.

For more information on our assiduous scoping process please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Previous Clients and Partners

We’ve developed solutions for many startups and businesses of all sizes and across a number of industries. Helping to translate ideas from the drawing board into reality; connecting customers, streamlining systems and improving ROI. We’ve also partnered with a number of the world’s biggest brands to ensure we deliver the cleanest, most user-friendly technology. Whether it is a mobile-first or desktop-based approach; our solutions will be provided with grace, pace, and scale!

Apps Built
Top 10 Hits
The Result

Our team and process has enabled brands and startups to create the most beautiful and functional platforms

Sample Work

Barclays App, Cigna Insurance, Lloyds, Tatatu

Keep up to date with global headlines as well as trusted analysis from our award-winning columnists, critics and regional correspondents. Discover stunning picture galleries, arts and lifestyle articles, interactive crossword puzzles and exclusive video from Britain and around the world.

Sample Work

Canon iPad App

The Canon UST is a sales and training tool for Canon representatives in various retail stores. The product presents a 360° view of various products with individual feature call-outs for people to explore. Every feature of the Canon product can be demonstrated and tested; features such as zoom lenses or night modes on cameras.

In-Store Demos

DELETE THIS SECTION (looks poor and disjointed)***How We Can Help You

We’re all really excited to bring your ideas to life. Whether you are at the idea stage or just want to embrace mobile, we are the mobile app development agency in London that can help you!

Research / Strategy

Let us ensure your mobile strategy is right, saving you time and money.

App / Web Development

Your idea deserves an award-winning technical team to bring it to life.

UX / UI Design

Let us ensure your mobile strategy is right, saving you time and money.


Let us ensure your mobile strategy is right, saving you time and money.

What Our Clients Say

Our app designers in London have won numerous awards including the ACQ Global Awards 2018, UK Business Excellence Award for App Development firm of the year 2018, and the Acquisition International 2017 Award. Our team has produced products which have hit the number 1 spot on the App Store and are regularly in the top 5 for various categories.

Our mobile app design business has also had products regularly featured in the national press and blogs including The Mail, The Sun, The Independent, Stylist, Glamour, ShortList, Women’s Health, The Guardian, BuzzFeed, Men’s Fitness, the BBC, and of course Apple themselves.

Everyone was striving to do something better than just 'normal' or 'good'. They aimed for excellence and came up with creative ideas for future expansion.

Gary McDowellCEO, Dotegy Ltd

It's hard to think of a team more helpful, with the highest of work ethics, and just an absolute pleasure to work with. But what should really have centre stage is their technical brilliance.

Carien OttoGraphic Designer, Otto Design

Don't hesitate to reach out!

If you would like to discuss your project in more detail, or just grab a socially awkwardly distanced, virtually assisted pint please feel free to reach out!